2021 Workshop

Stay Connected with Plant Pathology Education
Proudly sponsored by the Australasian Plant Pathology Society

When: Monday 22 November 2021

Time: 1100 – 1300

Cost: Free to registered attendees

There are concerns that the skills in the discipline of plant pathology are declining through the disappearance of educational and training opportunities. APPS has periodically carried out reviews of teaching, training and capacity to meet the needs of plant pathology as a discipline throughout the region with systematic reviews done in 2006 and 2012. We will be running a further survey to assess changes over the last 9 years with the purpose of this workshop being to discuss the current status of and gaps in current training opportunities across Australasia, to hear from industry about their requirements, and to consider student needs.

The goal of the workshop is for the Society membership to develop a position document for lobbying government, education institutions, and funding bodies, and desirably suggest solutions to improve plant pathology education in the immediate and long term. This document will also be published in the Society’s journal Australasian Plant Pathology.

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone to help ensure the future of our discipline, so please come along, share your views and be included in this important work of the Society.

This workshop will be facilitated by the Society’s President: Dr Robin MacDiarmid, Plant & Food Research, New Zealand and Vice President: Dr Colleen Higgins, Auckland University of Technology.

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President, Australasian Plant Pathology Society
Vice President, Australasian Plant Pathology Society
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