Impact of Acacia wilt and dieback in Quang Nam and Nghe An Provinces, Vietnam

Tran Thi Kim Anh1, Minh Tam Luong, Dau Thi Vinh

1Agrotechnology Center, Hiep Duc District, Quang Nam province, Hiep Duc, Vietnam


Acacia is one of the planted forestry trees with economic potential in the mountainous districts of Quang Nam province such as Hiep Duc, with 19,001 hectares of acacia trees. The wood is mainly used for papermaking. The acacia plantings in Hiep Duc district all belong to small-holder farmers. In recent decades, acacia plantings have helped farmers improve their income and alleviate poverty. However, wilt and dieback disease has impacted acacia plantings, leading to reduced quality of acacia wood and farmers’ income. In 2018, wilt dieback affected 733 hectares in Hiep Duc district, with approximately ten percent of trees affected by the disease. In economic terms the loss was estimated at 40 billion 650 million VND (AUD$  2,444,541). The disease has caused comparable economic losses in Nghe An province. In 2018 samples of diseased wood were collected from acacia trees in Hiep Duc, and in Nghe An from diseased trees in 2020. The diseased samples were plated out and fungal colonies were isolated and purified by hyphal tipping, prior to identification in the Quang Nam Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD) and Nghe An PPSD. Putative cultures of Ceratocystis sp. were obtained. This species has previously been shown to be responsible for the dieback disease in Vietnam (A. Nasution  at al., 2019). Cultures have been deposited in the collection at ICMP in New Zealand. The IDM strategies include the avoidance of damage to trees, only pruning in the dry season, and the application of fungicide to the cuts. In addition bait traps are advised to control acacia borers.


A. Nasution, M. Glen, C. Beadle & C. Mohammed (2019) Ceratocystis wilt and canker – a disease that compromises the growing of commercial Acacia-based plantations in the tropics, Australian Forestry, 82:sup1, 80-93, DOI: 10.1080/00049158.2019.1595347


In 2005 I graduated with a BSc (Plant Protection) from  Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, and was appointed to the Quang Nam Plant Protection Sub-Department, Hiep Duc Station, in 2006. I attended workshops in Quang Nam province about plant disease diagnostics and IDM through ACIAR Project (CP/2002/115) Diseases of crops in the central provinces of Vietnam. I later completed a Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business at Adelaide University in Australia in 2020. I have now worked in the agricultural science field for 15 years focused on plant protection, agronomy and teaching small-holder farmers about crop improvement and economic development. I have  experience in investigating and diagnosing pests and diseases of a wide range of crops, including small plantation forestry. One of serious diseases is acacia dieback which has caused significant losses in Hiep Duc District where I am located.

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